Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bitmob interview with Ghostwire Art Director Anders Bergman

Horror week is now, at

'In an antique goldsmith's workshop lit by flickering candlelight, Swedish development studio A Different Game is crafting what could be the spookiest game ever created for the Nintendo DS

We did an interview with Brett Bates at games fan site Bitmob recently, so if you want to know a bit more about how Ghostwire was born, inspiration for the title, what tools and features are planned and see some previously unreleased ghost concept art, head over to Bitmob and read the full story. More from the interview:

'BM: Have you encountered any ghosts while working on the game?
AB: ...actually, we prefer not to touch that topic. Let me just state that the core team is very aware of the functionality and limits of the Ghostwire software.
Still, we have experienced what we first categorized as "bugs," but which after investigation had to be ruled out as being something much harder to explain...'

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