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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ghostwire wins the Golden Mobile

As nominee in the annual Swedish 'the Golden Mobile Awards', 'Guldmobilen', Ghostwire won first price in the category ''Entertainment Service of the year'! The jury stated "For an innovative mobile game, utilizing the latest techniques to create a ghost world, by blending the real and the virtual world". Other nominees where ATG Mobil spel, Bonnier & GB-glass, Absolut, IdolTV and Carlsberg. The prize was chosen by a jury, and presented at the traditional gala dinner.

A Different Game Creative Director, and Ghostwire Art Director Anders Bergman lumps on stage to receive the award.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Special! Ghost description of the Angelmakers Júlia and Zsuzanna

Since we have already published the press release about our cooperation with Majesco, we thought we would treat you with some details about Ghostwire. You will search for 13 ghosts, and after a while you will meet the Hungarian Angelmakers Júlia and Zsuzanna. Here is a snippet from the Game Design Document:

Ghost: The Angelmakers - Júlia and Zsuzsanna

Fast Facts

  • Full name: Júlia Fazekas and Zsuzsanna “Susi” Oláh.
  • Born: Júlia: 1868 in Kecskemét, Hungary. Zsuzsanna: 1891 in Nagyrév, Hungary.
  • Died: 1930 (62 and 39 years old).
  • Occupation: midwives. Júlia was the closest thing to a doctor in the small village of Nagyrév, and Zsuzsanna was her assistant.
  • Cause of Death: executed by hanging in Nagyrév, Hungary.
  • Type of Ghost: Shadows.
  • Appearance: Both are caucasian women. Júlia is elderly and heavily built. Zsuzsanna is younger and thinner. Both have rope marks around their necks. Both are shadow ghosts and quite scary.
  • Personality Traits: Júlia has a strong, fierce, loud personality. Zsuzsanna is more shy and stays in the background.

Description and Background

"The Angel Makers of Nagyrév" were a group of women living in the village of Nagyrév, Hungary who between 1914 and 1929 poisoned to death an estimated 50-300 people. They were supplied arsenic from fly paper, and encouraged to use it for the purpose by a midwife or "wise woman" named Júlia Fazekas and her accomplice Susi Oláh (Zsuzsanna Oláh).

The Ghost's Problem, How to Solve It, Outcome

Júlia is upset because she was framed by someone, but she doesn't know who.

Zsuzsanna needs to confess her love and that she framed Júlia.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bitmob interview with Ghostwire Art Director Anders Bergman

Horror week is now, at Bitmob.com...

'In an antique goldsmith's workshop lit by flickering candlelight, Swedish development studio A Different Game is crafting what could be the spookiest game ever created for the Nintendo DS

We did an interview with Brett Bates at games fan site Bitmob recently, so if you want to know a bit more about how Ghostwire was born, inspiration for the title, what tools and features are planned and see some previously unreleased ghost concept art, head over to Bitmob and read the full story. More from the interview:

'BM: Have you encountered any ghosts while working on the game?
AB: ...actually, we prefer not to touch that topic. Let me just state that the core team is very aware of the functionality and limits of the Ghostwire software.
Still, we have experienced what we first categorized as "bugs," but which after investigation had to be ruled out as being something much harder to explain...'

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swedish online game magazine Gamereactor dared to enter the antique goldsmiths workshop where A Different Game resides. They made an interview for their web radio station GRFM, with A Different Game co-founter and Ghostwire executive producer Tom Söderlund, who is also the twisted mind behind Ghostwire.

Listen to the interview in Gamereactors horror special here, it is in Swedish, and starts about 06:15 into the clip. Do not play it backwards...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Different Game announces Majesco as publisher for Ghostwire!

We have been a bit quite on all our channels for a while now, and now you know why. It's official since a couple of hours, we are very happy to announce Majesco as the publisher of Ghostwire: Link to the paranormal. We have been working hard during this summer, negotiating to find a publisher whom we believe can help us to bring Ghostwire to the DSi. The work with Majesco has been exceptionally smooth from day one, and during the fall all details quickly fell into place. For more info about release dates etc, take a look at the official press release:


From the release:
"Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal integrates cutting-edge technology with a unique augmented reality aesthetic to create a truly exciting piece of software specifically designed for Nintendo DSi," said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco Entertainment. "We are thrilled to have such an innovative product in our lineup and look forward to revealing details about the experience as we approach next year's launch."

Of course, we are very excited to get some muscles behind marketing and distribution, and are really looking forward to the cooperation with Majesco.

/ The Core Team

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nintendo World Report interview with Ghostwire producer

We just completed an interview with Nintendo World Report. Read it and find out the background story to the Ghostwire concept, the philosophy at A Different Game and more.

"NWR: Were you inspired by other ghost-hunting games like Luigi's Mansion or Fatal Frame?

AB: No."

Read the full story here:

Follow the thread on NWR forum here: